English creative writing

Een paar weken terug kregen we tijdens Engels de opdracht “schrijf iets leuks in het Engels.” Na veel gehannes heb ik er een verhaal uitgekregen en ik heb besloten deze met jullie te delen. Lees verder als je enigszins wil weten wat ik ervan gebrouwen heb.

I turn around and my green, fluffy blanket falls on the ground. Damn. I feel shivers and get up my feet to climb under my blanket again. I’m too lazy to do anything today. My milk is still where lady Yves put it three hours ago. Usually I always drink it, I really love milk. But now, I just want to do nothing. I’m good at doing nothing, I do it most of the day. Just eating some meat, drinking some milk and relax. Relax under my fluffy blanket.

Lady Yves has left the house half an hour ago. I already miss her click-clacking heels on the wooden floor. The sound of it is quite relaxing. Oh well, I’m starting to yawn already. If I just close my eyes for like one hou- WHAT’S THAT!?

What’s creeping on the floor, MY floor – well, lady Yves floor, but I use it the most -, WHO’S THERE?! Lets go over there and check it out.. YES IT HAS A TAIL! The thing has a tail! What could it be? Let’s sniff.. My instincts never disappoint me.. I think, no, I’m sure it’s a.. mouse. A mouse, in lady Yves house! How dare the little tiny annoying creep to enter this mansion!? I will, and I must, defend this house.

Where did it go? My nose says it’s under the couch. The couch, my place! MINE! I will kill you, mouse! You won’t survive my revenge. My nails are sharpened –I did that on that same couch just a couple of hours ago. I will ensure you, my nails will scratch you just painful enough to let you crawl back to you family of little creepy creatures who ruin my relaxing moments. Take the scratching as a warning to all the creatures that will make lady Yves scream and cry and let her dance on the table. Creatures that frightens my lady. You’ll die.

Don’t think I don’t see you. Your tail just disappeared behind a cushion. Did you really just climb on MY couch? Don’t you challenge me you little fool, I will catch you! My body jumps faster than yours, I’m right behind you!

Damn, I missed. How could I miss? Aren’t I awake enough? I will shake my head, maybe I’ll awake now. Hmm, yep, that helped! Right, back to the mouse… Where is it!?

What did just move? I saw something. Behind that wall. At the place where lady Yves put my – my milk. HE’S NOT – HE CAN’T.. I must see if he touched my milk! Oh I should’ve drunk it right after she put it in there, I’m such a fool! Now I’m going to catch you, you won’t crawl home! No, you will die! Your family won’t ever see you again, I promise!

But just WHERE IS HE!? Not at my milk anymore, though I see he took a sip. Oh well, he’s going to regret it, I’m sure of that.

YES I SEE YOU, BEHIND THE TABLE, RUNNING TO – my blanket. Hah, you’re at MY place now. Watch it mouse, watch it. Crawling… crawling.. and… JUMP!

YES, GOT HIM! MY mouse, MINE! And I killed it on MY blanket! I think I’m going to eat it on my favourite spot. Just after I finished my milk.


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